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Our Mopeds / MotorCYCLES / Scooters and Our Rental Policies

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Rentals Policies for our Mopeds / Scooters
1.   The renters of our mopeds and scooters must be at least
       18 years old and must have a valid identification or passport.
2.   The drivers of our 49cc mopeds/scooters must have valid
        driver's license, but no motorcycle endorsement is necessary.
3.   A major credit card (Visa or Mastercard) is required for a
       security hold for renting our mopeds and scooters.
4.   Rental charges may be paid in cash or credit card, as long
       as a security hold is given via a major credit card.
5.   Renters assume full responsibility for the security of their
       rented moped or scooter, and are fully responsible for any 
       parking tickets or loss or damage to their rented vehicle.
6.   Lost keys will incur a charge of $25 per key.
7.   Drivers of our vehicles are responsible for following all driving
       regulations & relevant moped rules as documented
       on the State of Hawaii Motor Vehicle Safety website.
8.   Moped and scooter renters and drivers are responsible for
       their own safety. Helmets are offered to each renter and it is
       highly recommended though not required to wear the helmets.
9.   Only one person is allowed to ride our 49cc mopeds at a time,
       per state laws.
10. Our vehicles are only allowed to be driven on paved roads,
       and driving on beaches or sidewalks is prohibited on Maui.